Energy Graphic's

Energy pictures on canvas incl. or without precious stones

With pleasure I make at customer wish energy pictures.

For your quite personal energy picture I need the following information:

Wedged stretcher size: 20 x 20 cm, 25 x 25 cm, 30 x30 cm oder 40 x 40 cm

Colour wish: Tonic Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light-blue, Deep-blue or Violet

pastel or intensely

Motive from my topical collection for wedged stretcher size:
20 x 20 cm --> motives 12 cm or motives 15 cm
25 x 25 cm --> motives 15 cm or motives 21 cm
30 x 30 cm --> motives 21 cm or excluding motives
40 x 40 cm --> motives 30 cm or excluding motives

Precious stone wish: without, rock crystal, rose quartz and /or amethys

The energy pictures made by me can calm, curative or also look positively stimulating.
According to colour, tasteless graphics motive and precious stone give the energy pictures
new impulses, invite so also for pausing and reflexion

and step with the viewer at the spiritual level in communication.



Wartezeit für die Anfertigung: ca. 3 - 6 Wochen

Den Energieausgleich können Sie per E-Mail erfragen.

Here it goes tp the contact: -->


Every colour has another meaning, oscillation and effect on the person.

Meaning of the colours:
White --> beginning / lightMagenta --> survival
Purpur --> life will, Red --> energy / courage,
Cinnabar --> movement, Orange --> expansion, Apricot --> satisfaction,
Yellow --> cheerfulness, Citrus --> exchange, Cream --> equanimity, Lemon --> Let go,
Spting green --> suggestion, Green --> healing, Fir green --> rest,
Jade --> hope, Sky-blue --> delicacy, Turquoise --> clarity, Blue --> rest,
Indigo --> peace, Midnight-blue --> soul depth, Violet --> cleaning,
Lavender --> sophistication, Pink --> enthusiasm, Pfirsisch --> joy, Rosy --> heart love,
Pearl courage --> liveliness, Silver --> communication,
Gold --> spiritual love and also consciousness, Cooper --> longingSehnsucht,
Brown --> security, Black --> collection, Grey --> unconspicuity.



Holy geometry is the basic pattern of our creation.

in case of more exact consideration of our nature (e.g. before own front door)
if the holy geometry can be seen and be found.


Every precious stone has stored information in itself since his origin.
This information can be calles away by us.

Meaning of the precious stones used be me:

Rock crystal --> clarity
Rose quartz --> heart opening
Amethyst --> transformation