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Here you will find a pictorial explanation of how to produce a finished double card with thread graphics.

Instructions with picture for the starter set for beginners!

The designs of these starter kits for beginners have been designed by me personally and have been assembled by hand.

The starter sets are to get to know thread graphics and to try your hand at them.

This is so that you can try “thread graphics” without any strings attached.

Should you came to like this kind of work, you can find more designs under “downloads”.


It is possible that further payments need to be made because of customs or taxes, should you wish for these printouts to be sent to a non-EU-country. These will be duties on the buyer’s account to be made to the local customs and tax authorities and not to the seller. It is advised that you ask your local authorities about this matter before ordering. 

All texts, pictures and further information published here are subject to the copyright of the supplier. A copy and distribution is allowed only, in case of a revocable and not transferable consent of the supplier.

This presentation is provided by so that the buyer can do thread graphics for private pleasure and personal presents.

A commercial use, the sale or commercial distribution is not permitted and can be pursued legally.

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